About Us

Our mission is to pass on Spanish culture and all that is Spanish through language and to facilitate, to all those who would like it, the

ability to communicate in Spanish, in order to understand each other better and to understand over 400 million Spanish speakers

in the world.

Tolerance and Solidarity are two of the parameters on which our operation is based:

Tolerance of origin, religion, ideology, sexuality, etc. of all the people who learn Spanish with us.

Solidarity, forms part of the Spanish character and so now, more than ever, we invite everyone to join us.

This is why TCLanguages collaborates with the Spanish Red Cross and Action against Hunger.




Juan Carlos Martínez Navarro

Director; ELE Teacher; Marketing and Promotion


“I did my teacher training in Granada. I worked as an EGB teacher (Primary Education) for some years and after working at a school for social integration with young people, I discovered the teaching of Spanish. I have been teaching Spanish to foreigners since 1986, both in Spain and during my stay in Cologne (Germany).

I have been President of the Spanish EEA – an Andalusian association of Spanish schools which are FEDELE members – and President of the Association of Spanish Schools in Granada.

How we think, feel and perceive reality are fundamental for understanding language.”



Rocio Espinilla Gallardo

Director of Studies; ELE Teacher


I have been teaching languages for 23 years. I studied English Philology at Granada University, finishing my degree in Cordoba; between cultures. After many years of participation in meetings about teaching English as a foreign language, my restlessness as a learner led me to teacher training seminars. After 8 years, I became fully immersed in the world of ELE, Spanish as a Foreign Language, and started once again up the path of second language teaching, shaping my current profile at the same time as fulfilling my own learning and teaching needs.

When I completed my Masters degree in Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language in 2012, I set myself a most interesting project: a doctoral thesis, “Teaching morphology in the ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) classroom from a communicative approach: the formation of words.”

 My philosophy on life is to communicate and let others communicate with words, sound and image, patience when listening, careful about intervening and keen to share. As a teacher, I see myself like paper and pencil: for writing, rubbing out, correcting and re-writing; in perpetual learning through the students.





Elena Rodríguez Álvarez

ELE Teacher; Student Care; Marketing


“You’ll have heard of me, but so that you can get to know me a bit better: My love of languages led me to studying English Philology at Granada University. When I finished I did a Masters in Education and discovered that I was passionate about teaching, so I increased my knowledge with another post-graduate course specifically about teaching second languages, in my case, as a native speaker, Spanish as a foreign language. As soon as I finished I got my first job as an ELE (Spanish as a foreign language) teacher in 2001 and since then I have kept at it with continuous training and keeping up to date (a teacher is never fully trained).

I love dealing with people from all over the world and helping them in any way I can and in understanding our culture, which is why, in 2002, I started complementing my Spanish teaching with student care, a role which I have gradually become engrossed in (marketing came later).

I am very intuitive and have a lot of empathy for others. My motto is, “Treat other people as you would like them to treat you”, so if you need anything during your stay, I will help you from my heart.”